Welcome to St Marys Harbor

These pages are here for the benefit of local and visiting boaters. St Marys is a boater friendly community and we at RSE want to do whatever we can to assist the boating community in any way possible.

St Marys Boaters Association - The SMBA is a group of local boaters that keep their boats more or less permanently moored in the St Marys Harbor and want to participate in a "Neighborhood Boat Watch" program. Access to this link is password protected so that everyone's personal information is not disseminated to the general public. The only requirement to join is a desire to help your fellow boater by keeping your eyes open and giving a call if you see something amiss. If you go to the Contact Us link and send me an email, I will be happy to include you on the distribution and give you access.

Classifieds - The classified section is intended only for nautical items available locally, generally in the Jacksonville to Brunswick area. Listings are free and will remain active for 60 days. After that you will have to relist. 4 small pictures (max), a brief description and email and/or phone number. You can opt to be notified automatically by email when a new listing is posted, even if you don't have anything for sale, just send me an email and I will add you to the distribution.

The directions on the page should be self-explanatory. Don't worry about registering or logging in as it is not required to post an ad.

St Marys Harbor - Since a large portion of the harbor is "Off the (NOAA) Chart", there are a couple of marked up charts showing some of the hazzards and some suggested anchorages. Due to the strength of the current, boats often do not swing together with the wind. Always assume that everyone has 100 feet of rode and that you and your neighbor can intersect (Crash) if your anchors are within 200 feet as a minimum. Several local fishermen make their livelihood crabbing. Please give the small floats marking the traps a wide berth when underway or at anchor.